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1. "On the low base in 2017, CPI may increase at a faster pace this year, but there will not be noticeable inflationary pressure against the backdrop of stable demand and tight monetary environment," Lian said.
2. 只跟那些能凸显你聪明的人做朋友,哪怕他们觉得你坏坏哒。
3. adj. 荒谬的,可笑的
4. Those quickly sold out, locking out the vast majority of fans in soccer-mad Brazil.
5. 源于:repertory(n 仓库),剧目的仓库-全部剧目
6. 节目31 京剧《迎来春色换人间》,于魁智 托马斯(孔子学院学员)


1. '安全提示问题'并不安全
2. 虽然周六欧锦赛中爱尔兰0-3不敌比利时,但这并没有让赴波尔多看球的爱尔兰球迷一蹶不振。
3. 支持:洛杉矶影评人协会将其评为最佳影片。
4. 影片评价极高,演技也大获好评,尤其是故事的主人公——那些孩子们,以及汽车旅馆经理的扮演者威廉?达福。
5. David said: ‘It was wonderful, you couldn’t fault it. It was perfection.’
6. ['regju.leit,'regjuleit]


1. I want you stuffed in my stocking.我只要你塞在我的袜子里。
2. For: A huge box office hit that could benefit from a slowly-changing Oscar voting demographic.
3. a不+dama征服+ant→不可征服的→坚定的,坚固的
4. Age: 31
5. "They see some pretty awful things," she told the BBC. "But this is something that will stay with them for a long time."
6. Winners: Pelicans


1. 他也承认由于他和Vonnie已经离婚了所以听说这封信的时候感情有些复杂。
2. But perhaps we are finally there. Perhaps the curtain had to fall on the show before it could fall on that part of the ready-to-wear shows. Perhaps the history hamster wheel that we seem to be on — which has seen us cycle through the 1970s as well as some of the big hair and bigger shoulder pads of the 1980s (yes, we are there again) — will finally stop turning.
3. 腾讯通过电子邮件表示,目前没有为微信寻找赢利模式的计划。作为一个多元化互联网企业,腾讯拥有650亿美元左右的市值,是中国最大的上市互联网公司。旗下游戏产品、虚拟产品和其他平台上的广告给它带来了强劲的收入流。
4. Roula Khalaf
5. Company: Nation Waste, Inc.
6. More than 27,000 vacancies are offered by over 120 central departments and their affiliated public institutions in the 2017 civil servant recruitment drive. The number of vacancies is about the same as 2016.


1. "Sure, there are only whites in the stadium. It comes down to money," said Ana Beatriz Ferreira, a 27-year-old parking attendant in Rio de Janeiro, who is black. "Nobody I know could find affordable tickets."
2. 中国香港——也许香港的标志性景观是一艘驶入画面的仿古船,其背景正是这座城市举世闻名的天际线,但《孤独星球》选中此地却是因为距维多利亚港数英里之外的自然遗产。
3. 继续推进财税体制改革。

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