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曾经“铁杆”成沧海 雷士照明经销商争夺战一触即发 说明


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1.广州楼市开局平淡 首周新房网签跌破千套关口
2.6月楼市火热收官成定居 住宅库存三年来首减
3.2015全国木质家具产量前十榜单出炉 广东排名第一
5.70城房价仅2城上涨 业内:楼市去库存化房价难反弹


1. n. [宗
2. Originally intended for the opening credits of Tomorrow Never Dies, and then for some reason relegated to the closing credits, K.D. Lang's "Surrender" is silken and cool. The horn sections are sassy and powerful. It's one of the best James Bond theme songs, and it's not even officially a James Bond theme song. And it's a heck of a lot better than the official theme the movie finally got.
3. 8.Wheel Skates
4. It's hard to imagine LOST without Jack Shephard as the group leader. Where would the show have been without him? Had the show's writers gotten their way, we would have learned the answer to that question. When the show was pitched to ABC, Jack Shephard's character was supposed to be killed after the pilot episode, and Kate was supposed to take on more of a leadership role in the series.
5. Meme-sharing Facebook groups have become a new college tradition, Mic reported last week, with students across the country trading inside jokes and fighting battles with rival universities via screenshot and caption.
6. Walker places sixth thanks to Fast & Furious 6, the biggest hit of his career. He had finished shooting much of Fast & Furious 7 before the tragic car accident that took his life. Word is Universal won’t reshoot the film and will work around the actor’s death.


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1、315消费者权益日即将来临 陶瓷质量检验战帷幕拉起
2、智能家居曲高和寡 万亿级钱景尚远
3、银行贷款难典当来应急 典当行“房抵贷”陷阱多
4、家居建材商年终冲销量 旺季安装工人日薪超300
6、月租470元起! 成都2200多套国有租赁房源上市....


      The EU is making clear it wants to use the void in US leadership on trade to nail down new trade agreements. The negotiations with the Mercosur trade bloc in Latin America have been going on in fits and starts for more than a decade. But the EU and key Mercosur members like Argentina are now pushing to conclude a deal by the end of this year. That would be a big statement planted right in the US’s backyard.